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Success Story
Boubyan International Industries Holding Company BIIHC was established in July 2004 with a
capital base of KD 30 million (around US $ 100 million). BIIHC was set up mainly as a vehicle to
enable the private sector to invest in Industrial field internationally.

This was made possible through its (10%) equity stake in Arabian Waterproofing Industries Co.
Ltd. (AWAZEL) KSA, one of the largest Waterproofing manufactures in the middle east. In addition
to AWAZEL other joint venture partners AlDhiyafah Alahlia Real Estate Co. – KSA (10%).

The objectives of BIIHC, though primarily as stated above, were drafted to include the investment
and participate in Industrial sector all over the world.

As such, BIIHC is striving to become the leading International Industries company in Kuwait with
the aim to develop and promote direct investments in the Industrial sector. Practical steps towards
this vision have been taken through the a high jump in the company performance within the last

Despite its young age, BIIHC has a reasonably sized portfolio of direct investments in the
industrial and other sectors.

BIIHC is dedicated to enhancing shareholder value by employing sound and consistent business
practices and pursuing investment opportunities that offer potential for growth and high return on
equity. BIIHCs management is committed to the best interests of its shareholders and aims to
fulfill its set objectives, by adhering to the highest standards of integrity, professionalism and
quality, to which its shareholders have grown accustomed.

Kindly visit our Direct Investments page and explore the main investments. You may also browse
through tour latest financial results.